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Ammex ELFM Ear Loop Face Masks 50 Qty Box


Box of 50

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    A face mask is just as important to personal safety as a good pair of disposable gloves. These face masks provide dependable protection while remaining light and comfortable. The material is 3-ply, for better filtration of up to 3 microns. The masks’ elasticity gives them added comfort, and the ear loop design allows you to don and remove the mask easily. The masks’ expandable folds accommodate most face shapes and facial hair. As the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention advises, a secure fit is crucial for these masks’ efficiency. You can adjust the aluminum nose bridge to better fit your face, which will increase safety as well as preventing fogging if you’re wearing glasses or goggles. The mask comes in one size and is sold 50 masks per box. Limiting the spread of infections is critical in everyday life. 

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